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United Kingdom
With the release of FNAF 4 providing an answer to the mystery surrounding the 'bite of 87' I figured i'd give this a whirl.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't played a game in the series or seen any of the youtube let's plays: You've been warned. 

Possible FNAF Timeline



  • Fredbear (Golden Freddy) Fredbear & Springtrap Animatronics in service.
  • Events of ‘SAVE HIM’ Minigame - Purple Guy kills the crying kid outside the Diner.
  • Fredbear’s Diner is sold. Original Animatronics created along with The Puppet & Balloon Boy.


  • Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria opens for the first time. Purple Guy is hired as a Night Guard.
  • Events of ‘GET READY! 1&2’ Foxy the Pirate used for Birthdays & loved by Kids.
  • Purple Guy secretly steals & uses the Fredbear suit to lure & murder children.
  • Events of ‘GET READY! 3’ Purple Guy seemingly hid the bodies in the Puppet's box?
  • The Spirit of the First Victim (Crying Kid) possesses the Puppet Animatronic.
  • Events of "GIVE GIFTS! GIVE LIFE!" The Puppet places the dead kids in the Animatronics.
  • FNAF2 CUTSCENE 1 - Freddy awakens & is greeted by The Puppet. Chica & Bonnie inanimate.
  • FNAF2 CUTSCENE 2 – Freddy awakens to find Chica & Bonnie are ‘awake’ as well.
  • Pizzeria closes for renovation. Old Animatronics put in storage & ‘Toy’ Animatronics created.
  • Grand Reopening Advertised. Purple Guy continues to work as a Night Guard.


  • Management decides to leave Toy Foxy as a Build It Yourself for the Kids, (Mangle).
  • FNAF2 CUTSCENE 3 - Freddy awakens to be faced by Chica, Bonnie & an empty Fredbear.
  • Events of "SAVE THEM 1" Freddy follows the Puppet to Prize Room.  Box full of blood.
  • Events of "SAVE THEM 2" Freddy follows the Puppet but is stopped by Purple Guy.
  • The Puppet gives life to the Toy Animatronics & Balloon Boy.
  • The Animatronics try to enter Purple Guy’s Office for Revenge so he transfers to Day Shift.
  • Rumors about kidnappings and disappearances related to the Pizzeria spread.
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald is hired as the new Night Guard. Purple Guy Works the Day Shift.


  • FNAF2 Night 1 – Phone Guy instructs Jeremy about the details of his job & the precautions.
  • FNAF4 Day 1 – The Crying Boy is locked in his bedroom with Fredbear Plush.
  • FNAF2 Night 2 – Phone Guy Warns Jeremy about Foxy & the Music Box/Puppet.
  • FNAF4 Day 2 – The Boy is let out of his room only to be scared by someone in a Foxy Mask.
  • FNAF2 Night 3 – Phone Guy informs Jeremy about Mangle & urges him to ignore the rumors.
  • FNAF4 Day 3 – The Boy is left behind at the Pizzeria & sees Purple Guy putting people in suits.
  • The Animatronics become more aggressive towards adult staff & the Night Watch in particular.
  • FNAF2 Night 4 – Phone Guy alerts Jeremy to the investigation & Aggressive Animatronics.
  • FNAF4 Day 4 – The Boy runs home, mocked by Children, only to be scared by foxy mask again.
  • Prior to Night 5 – Purple Guy is Fired/Arrested under suspicion of murder of the children.
  • FNAF2 Night 5 - Phone Guy explains the situation & that Jeremy may end up on the Day Shift.
  • FNAF4 Day 5 – The Boy is locked in the Maintenance Room with Fredbear & Springtrap parts.
  • Prior to Night 6 – The Fredbear suit is found & linked to the murders of the children.
  • FNAF2 Night 6 – Jeremy misses the memo about the lockdown & is working overtime.
  • FNAF4 Day 6 – Jeremy is at The Kid’s Birthday where he lobotomized by Fredbear.
  • FNAF2 Night 7 – Fritz Smith assumes Night Watch but is fired for tampering with Animatronics.
  • FNAF4 Night 6 – The Boy has a dream where Fredbear promises to ‘put (him) back together’.

  • The Pizzeria closes & the Toy Line, Puppet & Balloon Boy are scrapped due to malfunctions.
  • The Pizzeria reopens in a smaller facility with a reduced budget & the original animatronics.
  • Phone Guy himself takes care of the Night Guard position & learns about the animatronics.
  • Phone Guy creates pre-recorded messages to instruct New Night Guards & give history lessons.
  • Phone Guy is set to retire within one week but is murdered on his 4th night.
  • The Animatronics somehow make a Recorded message.
  • Mike Schmidt is hired as the New Night Guard.


  • Night 1 – Mike begins his Summer Job, instructed by Phone Guy’s Pre-Recorded Messages.
  • Night 2 – Mike learns about Foxy & how the animatronics become more active in the dark.
  • Night 3 – Mike learns it’s possible to avoid being caught for a short time by ‘playing dead’.
  • Night 4 – Mike Learns that Phone Guy was killed by the animatronics.
  • Night 5 – Mike receives a message from the animatronics for some reason.
  • Night 6 – Mike Returns for Overtime for some unfathomable reason.
  • Night 7 – Mike is fired due to tampering with the Animatronics, Unprofessionalism & Bad Odor.
  • Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Closes its doors for good


  • Purple Guy is apparently released or escaped from prison & returns to the closed Pizzeria.
  • The Animatronics try to kill Purple Guy but cannot enter the Hidden Safe room.
  • Purple Guy uses this flaw to dismantle the animatronics, unwittingly freeing the children’s spirits.
  • The children's spirits corner Purple Man in the Safe Room forcing him to hide in Springtrap.
  • Believing himself to be safe, Purple Guy laughs causing the spring locks to fail, crushing him.
  • Purple Guy’s spirit begins haunting the Springtrap Animatronic.
  • 30 years later, an amusement park bases their house of horror, Fazbear’s Fright, on the Pizzeria.


  • Night 1: Security Guard tests equipment & the Managers discover Springtrap in the old Pizzeria.
  • Night 2: Springtrap & Phone Guy messages added and the Phantom Animatronics activate.
  • Night 3-5: Security Guard learns the origins of Springtrap & Fredbear Costumes.
  • Night 6: Security Guard learns that the back room was sealed off.
  • Post Night 6: Attraction burns down along with Springtrap. Children’s souls finally at peace.
  • Surviving goods are put up for auction, (including Springtrap?)
My reasons for including the events of FNAF 2 & FNAF 4 are clear from the ending of the latter, which clearly depicts the events of the 'Bite of 87', which was previously determined to have occured the day AFTER Jeremy's last night as Night Guard, during a Birthday party. As seen following night 5 in FNAF 4, the protagonist (The Crying Boy) is bitten by Fredbear (Golden Freddy) during a birthday & there are clearly other animatronics around so it clearly takes place prior to the events of FNAF, post FNAF2 at best.


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